Towable … Motorized … Specialty … Park

RV stands for Recreational Vehicle, and all RVs belong to one of these ‘types’ or ‘classes’.

What type or class you decide on depends on how you want to see, do, travel, play and live! There is no right or wrong, it’s about what fits your lifestyle. It’s about what fits how you live, and and how you play.

From The RV Life Blog …

Know Your RV Types

April 16, 2014 | by Beth Culbertson

When considering The RV Life, one of the first things you need to understand are the various classes of, or type of, RV’s.

Once you’ve begun to understand these concepts, then understanding all the lingo within the ‘RV Realm’ is easy!

And what’s more important, is that, you’ll be able to better grasp what kind of RV is right you, your family, your lifestyle, and how you want to go about exploring the landscape.

One of the best links for seeing and understanding the classes or types of RV’s is the notorious,GoRVing.com website, yes the one we all see advertised on the TV pretty frequently. It’s a great place to start your journey of familiarization, so get busy, and go see!

Notice the pull-down menu for the ‘Compare RVs Page’ … at the GoRving.com website that’s where you really start to see and comprehend the classes and types of RV’s. You’ll see how they are divided up into four categories, Towable … Motorized … Specialty … Park.

Now, as you progress you’ll ‘get’ the lingo, you’ll see and understand what they are talking about, and when you hit the RV Shows, you will have a great frame of reference, and you’ll be able to relate what you learn and see at a show, which will knock your sock off, and then you’ll begin to see what fits you and your family.

When people first visit an RV Show they are overwhelmed by the huge variety and style of what’s available out there, and let’s not forget what we just learned, which adds to the supreme degree of confusion, there are four different classes, or types, or categories of RV’s.

So, before you ever begin to get ‘comfortable’ in your understanding of the RV world, you’ve got to master the classes or types. From there, you can handle any additional option, or design, or whatever new feature that comes your way, because you know what foundation it builds on. You know your classes!