And your choices are … New and/or Used.



1. Visit an RV Show and be mesmerized!

2. Visit your local RV Dealer and still be mesmerized!



1. Visit your local RV Dealer and be thrilled!

2. Visit RV Trader Online and be overwhelmed, but also thrilled!

3. And there’s CraigsList, Backpage, and your local newspaper’s classified ads section.

4. On the RV INFO SITES tab you will find more websites that offer listings for used RVs.



1. Just dig in and get familiar, you’ll know when you know. If you buy used, get it inspected by a mechanic before you buy it when buying from a private owner. Or buy from a reputable dealer who can service the vehicle. A fine reason to buy from your local RV dealer.

2. The single most important piece of information you need to understand when starting in with the whole ‘RV World’ is, … the types of RVs or what are termed the, … ‘classes’ of RVs. Go here to understand this important point.

3. When you understand the ‘types’ or ‘classes’ … the foundation from which all types and classes of RVs stem from, you’re good to go. RVs in general will make much more sense when you understand this critical piece of information.