A FORUM is also known as a BULLETIN BOARD.

This format for communication, discussion, info exchange, is yet again known by another term, a Discussion Forum. All the monikers generally mean the same thing.

It’s really just organized, tagged-for-searchability discussion.

The back and forth discussion is also known as a thread or a string, as in a discussion thread, or a discussion string, so both are casually called a ‘string’ or a ‘thread’.

Now, let’s say you read something in the Forums/Bulletin Boards and you wanted to try to find that particular string/thread/discussion again, well, if you can remember a few key words from that discussion/string/thread, you can enter those words in the Search-This-Site-For-Keywords Box, over to the right, and very likely find that exact discussion/string/thread you remembered reading … pretty neat, huh?

This is why we ‘tag’ or label a post that is written/added/submitted by anyone on this site. Tagging makes searching for info/strings/threads/discussions etcetera, a snap!

In The RV Life Forums we discuss everything RV-related. If you’ve got a question, ask it! Our readers love to share their knowledge and experience with folks who love the RV lifestyle!

And remember to tag your posts with keywords that come right from the content of your post. Things we talk about here and now could be exactly what somebody needs to find in the future! So, let’s help ’em find by tagging our posts!

Search the Forum, you might find the answer to your question in a discussion string/thread right now. If not, make a new string/thread, ask a question, get an answer!

Viola, problem solved! It’s a community, people helping people. That’s the goal.

Now, off with you, go find a ‘Forum’ or ‘Topic’ and yak it up! 🙂