Our First Trip: Where Should We Go?

We did it! We bought the RV! Now what?!

Where should we go? Who should we see? So many options to choose from.

The truth is it doesn’t matter where you go, or who you see. Just go. Go somewhere, anywhere.

The journey is the goal.

It’s a profound piece of wisdom, it happens to be very true, and when you read it for the first time, it might just broadside you with the weight of its truth.

Now, back to where are we going, ‘neverminding’ “are we there yet”? This is really a very easy choice, since we’ve established that it doesn’t matter where you go, just going is what is important.

Next question, in the genre of events what to do you like? What excites you? Are you a NASCAR fan? Do you love the Renaissance Festivals? Are you a wine lover, a beer lover? A pie lover? A BBQ lover? A horse lover? A dog lover? Cat lover? You get the idea.

There are festivals and events and gatherings for EVERTHING! Find a festival and a campground and go! Easy-peasy. Decision made. Done. Take lots of pictures, and mostly get your laugh on.

Live Love Laugh

Let’s not over-think this trip planning stage. It’s really one, two, three … festival, campground, be there ~ show up ~ go! What you forgot the first time, you’ll remember next time, no sweat, it doesn’t matter.

While you’re there, find a park, take a hike, see the nature in this new place, compare it to what you know, then go look at more things and places and people to see while you’re there!

When the day is done at the festival, make a campfire, relax, grab your favorite beverage, be outside in the night air, gaze at the fire, see the stars, listen to the sounds of nature, be at peace, with joy in your heart, and a smile on your face. That’s what RVing is.

The journey matters, laughing along the way matters. The ‘being’ together and ‘live-love-laughing’ along the way is what matters.

Have you left yet?