Let’s Make This Easy

Just in case you’reĀ uneasy about the first trip, let’s make this super-easy, no pressure.

Remember when the kids wanted to camp outside, so next best thing to going to any location was the backyard?

Well the same holds true for us big-kid-adults, the backyard is still the safe haven! Your nearby, close-to-home-and-local, county parks network probably has a campground or two or three, somewhere in your county.

So, get on the net, search for … ‘(your county) parks & recreation campground’ … and what you’ll get is the perfect first-time, trial-run, around-the-corner, close-to-home, just-in-case, campground.

George Carlin, the comedian, called this, indirectly, leaving ones’ home on a vacation, with ‘some of your belongings’ as we do in camping, “the second version of our house” and as we laugh and think about it, he’s right. There you are in the campground, with the second version of your house!

Now if you wanted to really ‘rough camp’, then you could take a hiking trail and just the supplies and things in your backpack and camp under the stars around a campfire with or without a tent.

Hardcore, ‘rough camper’, ‘hiker types’ do this all the time, but we’re not advising that activity for you, nope, we just want you to take the maiden voyage right on over to the county campground … get a little experience under your belt, maybe a little confidence too.

You’ll experience driving the rig, checking in at the campground, it’s just like when you check into hotel, same drill, then you get your spot, and park the RV, then you do your set-up, which can mean that you hook up to ‘shore power’, but it may not, and it doesn’t matter, this what RV camping is all about, you roll with the flow.

In a previous post, we learned that being together on the journey was more important than anything else, that laughing along the way, was everything.

Now, it’s time to explore, run, jump, play! And oh boy, there’s all that wide-open space to do it in! You did bring some toys right? The bicycles, the football, the baseball/softball, the gloves, maybe somebody in the ‘fam’ likes croquet, or horseshoes, or badminton, all easy, fun games to bring along. Oh, and a few board games, maybe Clue, Monopoly, Risk, Pit, or whatever your favorites are! Playing cards too!

Food, this is half the fun, we must roast marshmallows, and we must do smores, which are simply graham crackers with a nice hot marshmallow and some chocolate, so you get a nice warm, gooey treat. You can vary this treat with any favorite combo you can think of, banana, chocolate, and peanut butter, come to mind.

For for meals, what’s your family’s favorite? Well then, bring those food items along, it’s an RV, it’s got some refrigeration, and if not we all know how to keep ice in the cooler, besides the convenience store is almost always in walking distance at many campgrounds, and if not walking distance, it’s a five minute car ride, for gas, snacks, and any other odd item you need.

By all means, have a campfire! Having a campfire while you are camping is like a right of passage, it’s the epitome of family, nature, bonding, spending, fun, satisfying quality time together. You might just meet other families who are doing the same thing. And for sure, you’ll pick up new ideas about how to RV it for the next trip.

It’s all good! And fun! So go already!