The RV Life was conceived on April 16, 2014.

It was always in the background just waiting for its opportunity to come to life. Who doesn’t love a gorgeous brand new motor coach or a decked out toy hauler? And when the show comes to town, oh boy! All those coaches and haulers and trailers and pop ups! Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

But where are the shows? When are the shows? Where can you go find a clear, clean, neat, accurate, concise listing of all the shows available, let alone the shows that are in your region, state, or city? Nowhere … untilĀ The RV Life.

What if you are going to see Uncle Udo and Aunt Edna in Ontario and she mentioned an RV Show last year, but you don’t really remember where it is or when it was, and on this trip you’d sure like to go to the RV Show, in fact, it would be a great extended family outing and you’d like to plan your travel dates accordingly.

Who knows maybe you’ll fall in love, buy an RV, and tow the car home, why not? RVers do all day everyday. Why not you?

Where on the net can you find all the RV Shows listed, and easily searchable, in one place? Nowhere … untilĀ The RV Life.

We’ve made it our mission to make finding RV Shows, wherever you are, as simple as peeling a banana.

Search, Find, Go! Rving that is!