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    Hi! & Welcome to The RV Life Forums!

    Ok, a few simple bits about ‘forums’ so that you know what you are dealing with. A ‘forum’ is simply a gathering of, or a community of people who are focused on the same general topic, and in our case, its The RV Life and the lifestyle, and love of RVing, traveling, and camping in general.

    You don’t have to be currently doing it to like it or love it, or be a part of this community. This is really just one big, huge group discussion on various RV TOPICS.

    Now, from that basis, we can get more specific, so you begin to see that this forum thing is a hierarchical structure, and if we use a top down view, we have THE RV LIFE FORUMS, and then we branch into MAIN CATEGORIES, and then we branch into TOPICS that fit into/under a MAIN CATEGORY heading.

    We can have and add as many TOPICS as we want which will all fit under a MAIN CATEGORY heading. The discussion string, or the discussion thread will dictate how many MAIN CATEGORY headings we will need or have, and the TOPICS really lend themselves to the realm of the unlimited.

    If you have any questions about how the forums work or any further questions about the structure of the forums, just ask, we welcome your interest and engagement on any subject.


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